Experiemental vocal self-sampling / Gregorian loop chants / Ambient soundscapes / Cinematic bedroom / Gibberish

I record music under the moniker Oldman Boykid. A handful of EPs were self released in 2014 and 2015, but more polished projects have been published in recent years. In 2016, the Research Labyrinth EP was released via Australia's Left of Field Records. I have recently completed and self released my first full length album, Jaywalker LP. Oldman Boykid music can also be heard on all of my video projects including the 2018 short film, "Still Moves". 

Jaywalker LP

Research Labyrinth EP

Electronic North Article

"Bygones is a strong song on a strong EP. It creates a dreamlike ambience, like an overly warm summer’s day that entices you to lie in the sun a little bit longer than you really should. It captivates and uneases you in equal measure, with its childlike vocal style lodged in a lazily menacing backing track. I love the hypnotic and almost psychedelic quality of the song.​"

Buffablog Article

"Oldman Boykid is the moniker of Californian singer/songwriter Daniel Freeman. His latest jam “Bygones” caught our ear for its left-of-field approach. Freeman’s work combines woozy soundscapes, hushed vocal harmonies, and swelling, downtempo beats. The abstract approach produces a calming effect and inspires a search for narrative and imagery among its listeners. Think Moby or Fatboy Slim."