Still Moves Short Film (10 min, 2018)


Edison Jones, a small town street performer and visual artist, meanders through life while trying to build The Experimental Institute of Eastern Californiart. Through the lens of a documentarian, we see Edison in his hometown of Nevada City, California and later on a reflective road trip to Reno, Nevada.



Still Moves is a docufiction film (90% fiction/10% real). The project was filmed over the course of 5 days in Oakland, Nevada City, and Reno during March 2018. Myself (writer/director/music) and Drew Connick (actor) were the only members of a bare bones cast and crew. We met while working as production assistants at Sundance Film Festival and still hardly know each other. The total budget for the film was $1.5k, a third of which was won back while gambling in Reno on the last night of production.

Still Moves will be made available online after screening at festivals in 2018.

Experimental Narratives

Nakedbutt - 1 min, 2018

Synopsis: An artist's apartment is broken into. He is robbed of several valuable items - including private pictures of his nakedbutt.

Backstory: This film was a created with two strict parameters. It had to have an exact one minute run time and no other person could participate in front or behind the camera. 

Free Cruise - 4 min, 2017

Synopsis: A lonely New Yorker receives spam phone calls claiming she has just won a free cruise. 

Backstory: Filmed on a point and shoot camera in New York City during one summer afternoon in 2016. No script, no plan, and one actress. The result was a shapeless character profile with plenty of peculiar animation and music.

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